Daddy’s Here

Nicholas Markle:

Milo Yiannopoulos is here to make the internet great again, restore parity on college campuses, and maybe meet a few “persons of color” along the way. And he’s doing it looking better than you. His voice alone may serve as gay conversion therapy, just in the opposite direction that most think.

Milo first came to prominence via the gamergate movement, exposing psycho, feminazi, crybully oafs such as Anita Sarkeesian in their pathological lying. I’m surprised Anita herself isn’t a character in some Shrek videogame… best not to expose children to that I guess. Today Milo still possesses the social justice kryptonite known as fact. Milo’s use of fact deters deluded flowers to the point where not a single 3rd wave feminist is willing to debate him. When confronted with crybully millennials, he disarms their cheap rhetoric with stubborn facts. Unfortunately these fabricators of phony problems are unable to comprehend facts, as they are distracted my Milo’s simply flawless hair… the fag.

I personally celebrate every time I hear of another group of kids crying because my favorite supervillain dared to encroach on their little fantasy. I’m sure they’d rather he encroach elsewhere. Prior to his Dangerous Faggot tour, SJW’s cried to big brother for help in fighting Milo and his problematic facts. As it turns out, big brother is a total cuck and took away his verified checkmark, but Daddy will fix all of that when he’s president.

Similar to Daddy, Milo is not afraid to offend losers and hurt feelings. He is simply a man of the truth, and doesn’t back down when confronted with bitchy elites in the media. His writing doesn’t send a teenager to sleep, and he actually understands the technology-laden world in which younger people live. Best of all, he’s hilarious. Consider yourself blessed in his presence.

Oh, and he’s not a Jewish midget.


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