Jocal: Issue 1

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.28.12 PM

 Jocal: Issue 1

Oscars 2015: Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance by Joonsoo Yi

Film Review: The Babadook by Callum Shannon

Messi and Whiplash: Lessons from Persistence by Joonsoo Yi

How to Cook the Best Hangover Food by Chris Cicek

Getting Along With Your College Roommates by Justin Hunsaker

Facebook Sucks and So Does Instagram by Joonsoo Yi

Game Review: Telltale Game of Thrones by Callum Shannon

On Greece’s Bailout by Jacob Levine

The ramblings of a casual football fan by Callum Shannon

Interview: Ray Hudson by Joonsoo Yi

Rape: Consent is Consent by Craig Chappell

On Civic Duty by Justin Hunsaker 

 Anti-Social Twitter Orders by Craig Chappell

Frack on or Frack off? by John Shannon


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